Royal Rangers & Mpact Girls 2019-20 Registration Form

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Registration Information:

A new, exciting year is beginning for our Royal Rangers & MPact Girls Club. We will be kicking off this new year on Wednesday, September 11th at 7pm.

Below is the age group breakdown and registration information along with pricing. Please read it over before registering your child(ren) and be sure to tell us each child's name, date of birth, and t-shirt size in the box below. Once you have completed all the fields, please calculate your total due and fill it in the box below to make your registration payment. If your child(ren) are not moving up and do not need a new t-shirt, leave "total due" blank.

Royal Rangers:

  • Ranger Kids - K-2

  • Discovery Rangers - Grades 3-5

  • Adventure Rangers - Grades 6-8

  • Expedition Rangers - Grades 9-12


MPact Girls Ministries

  • Rainbows – boys & girls Ages 3-5

  • Daisies – Kindergarten

  • Prims – Grades 1-2

  • Stars – Grades 3-5

  • Friends – Grades 6-8

  • Girls Only – Grades 9-12

For new registrations (including kids who are moving up to the next age group): 
$20 Registration fee

For those signing up but not moving up to a new group:
$10 for a new t-shirt (if needed)

Weekly Dues:
Weekly dues are $3 for each child. We encourage you to send the dues with your child each week to help teach them the importance of bringing your offerings to the Lord.

Finally, we are hoping to expand and enhance our Royal Rangers & MPact Girls program. In order to do that, we need more help! If you are able to help us in these programs, please let us know! There are many different ways you could help us!

If you have any questions on registration, please contact Becky in the office BEFORE registering. She can be reached at (914) 628-7444 or

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